Professional Advice About Common Boiler Problems


A lot has been said and written on Google about common boiler faults, problems, etc. There is no lack of articles listing various issues which may cause indescribable mess in your home. What’s more, there are tons of posts from expert engineers or plumbers, explaining how to fix all those problems. In spite of this multitude of articles, our team at Emergency Boiler have decided to share our knowledge and experience with you, our readers.

We think every homeowner should get educated and learn more about their domestic boiler. Basic troubleshooting skills can save you many miserable moments without hot water or heating in your London home. Thus our team, at EBS have decided to publish for our first blog post a list of several (let’s say 10) of the most common boiler problems.

Later on we’ll try to provide you with enough and competent information how to fix a few of them by yourself, if you decide to do so. However, we highly recommend you to contact a professional company.

  • Thermostat Issues – as with all gadgets, thermostats tend to lose their accuracy over time and start producing unreliable readings. When this time comes we advise you to invest a newer one.
  • Light Goes Out – the pilot light of your combi boiler going out could be caused by a build up of deposit or a faulty thermocouple. Another probable cause is draught blowing the light out.
  • Frozen Pipe – during winter time, condensate pipes freeze which causes blockages. These blockages should be dealt with by an experienced and certified engineer.
  • No Hot Water/Heat – our expert technicians have solved many such problems and the underlying causes had varied from failure of valves to low water levels. Other potential causes are issues with the boiler thermostat or broken airlocks.
  • Strange Noises – it’s not uncommon for a heating system to start making strange banging noises. The three most common causes are build up of limescale, low water pressure or presence of air in the system.
  • Losing Pressure – it’s one of most common problems we have to deal with. Lots of customers call us and explain how their central heating system loses pressure for no apparent reason. However, we know the cause – water leak somewhere in the system!
  • Dripping or Leaking Boiler – a book can be written on this issue, because there is a myriad of reasons for this to happen. Our experience shows that the best way to determine the cause is a thorough inspection from a certified expert.
  • Boiler Switching Off – it can be caused by many things for a start pressure could be too low, a valve could be closed and restrict flow of water or presence of air in the system. This type of fault needs on the spot check by a gas safe engineer to determine underlying cause for the problem.
  • Radiators Not Getting Hot –pipes connecting the whole system together corrode over time and thus sludge is created. This sludge blocks water from flowing and reaching your home radiators which heat up your home. These nasty deposits are cleared by flushing the system with special equipment.
  • Kettling – if your boiler starts making strange rumbling noises, you should know the cause – limescale build up. If you live in an area with hard water, you should be prepared for such eventuality because it will happen sooner or later.